Designing Your Web Presence

Website Design

Our goal is to make sure every website is:

website design on various devices

Website Redesign

You only get one chance to make a first impression.

If the layout and/or design of your website does not align with the image you want to present to potential customers, or the menu and other important information is hard to read on mobile devices, contact us.  We LOVE taking an outdated website and making it shiny and new!

apex before redesign
Before Redesign
apex redesign
After Redesign
1st Presbyterian Preschool & Childcare Center website before redesign
Before Redesign
1st Presbyterian Preschool & Childcare Center website after redesign
After Redesign

Search Engine Optimization

Every website designed by Lemon Twist is structured and optimized using the latest research on Google SEO best practices and include Option 1 below.

Content Editing &
On-Page SEO

We use the content you provide and:

  • Edit for spelling and grammar
  • Organize headings and content so search engines can determine how the page content is structured and to make it easy for visitors to find the information they are looking for.
  • Add calls to action
  • Add image alt text (descriptive information for screen readers and search engines so the images can be indexed properly).
  • Write titles & descriptions that show up in search results as illustrated in the image below:
  • Example of title and description meta data


Option 1

Content Creation &
On-Page SEO

We create compelling content and optimize that content

Everything in Option 1 is included. 

Our content writer will create engaging content to capture the attention of your potential visitors in search results, and when visitors click onto one of your links in the search results and get to your website, they will find quality information that is relevant to their search.

Option 2

Search Engine Optimization

Competitive and keyword research

Everything in Option 1 & 2 is included. 

We start out with competitive research to learn about your business in relation to your  competitors.  We use that information to research which keywords are most likely to rank higher in search engine results for your product or service. 

We incorporate those keywords into the website content, descriptive text for images, and titles and descriptions that show up in search results.

Option 3

Website Design Process

After a thorough discussion of your overall business objectives, we will carefully review your business history including detailed descriptions of your products and/or services. We will then combine this information to develop and clarify the voice of your business so that we can create your custom-designed website with optimized content that aligns with your business objectives and values.     


Kick-off Meeting 

We learn about your business, and use that knowledge to design a website that accurately and effectively reflects who you are, what you do, and why potential customers should buy from YOU.


Competitive Analysis

Research Competitors and compile a list of keywords for search engine optimization (SEO)  *the depth of research depends on the SEO option chosen by client.



Collect and/or create content including images and logos, that give your visitors and search engines a clear message about what you have to offer. 



We start with colors and fonts, then we start the design of the home page, including the header and footer, which sets the tone for the rest of the website.



Client meeting to review initial design, including fonts and colors, content, and keywords*
(keywords if option 3 is chosen)


Client Approval

Design & finalize the content for the rest of the pages. Send screenshot of each page for approval or edits. Includes up to 3 revision cycles per page.


Final Review

Client meeting for final review of website design, content, forms, checkout process (for eCommerce) and SEO



Final edits and adjustments.  LAUNCH!


There are many factors that go into pricing:

  • What are your goals?
  • How big will your website be (5, 10, 20 pages or more)?
  • Are you selling services or products?
  • Do you want it to be a membership website?
  • Do you need calendar, event, recipe, or another type of integration?
  • Do you want a gallery?  If so, will it have 20 pictures or 100’s?
  • Do you need hosting?
  • More

That is why we offer free consultations.

Our Clients

We are easy to work with, honest, responsive, and make decisions based only on what is best for our clients.  We genuinely care about your business or organization and work hard to make sure you are happy with the final product.  See what clients are saying.

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