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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the online way to attract more clients by having your website show up higher in google search results organically (vs. paid).  Here’s how it works: good, basic SEO teaches Google about the structure and key content of your website which encourages Google to promote your site, thereby allowing potential website visitors to more easily find your website. Compelling titles and descriptions in your search results helps those online searchers decide that your website is the “one to click.” In addition, good SEO will quickly lead folks to the correct page in your website that has the relevant information they are looking for regarding services, events, resources, membership signups, and more.

In addition to making basic SEO part of your website, it is essential that your Google My Business listing also be comprehensive and consistent with the information that appears on your website. Did you know that you can make Google posts for free? We can help you learn more about how to use Google my Business to positively affect your business.

The mere existence of your website will not ensure that potential customers will visit and then contact you about your product or services.

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