How long will it take to finish my website?

That depends on a number of things:  the size of your website, the functionality that we are adding to your website (eCommerce websites will take longer), but most importantly you.  Building a website is a collaborative endeavor. My goal is to meet the agreed upon deadline, but we need your feedback (page approvals) and content (images, pdf’s, etc.) to do that.  We are easy to work with and are available by phone, email and text.

Are your website designs mobile friendly?

Yes, every website we design is mobile friendly.  If your website is not mobile friendly, you will lose visitors.  Not only that, Google now indexes all websites based on how well they render on mobile devices, which means having a mobile friendly website is more important than ever.  Here’s an article that goes into more detail: Google’s mobile first indexing

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the root address of a website (also known as a URL). Think of the hosting as the street your website lives on and the domain name is the address. A domain name example:

What is a Server?

Servers are computers that have massive capacity to store files. This is where all the files that make up your website are stored. These files are then accessed (served) when someone makes a request for that page/website by typing in the domain name or clicking on a link that is displayed when searching the internet.

What is website hosting?

A web hosting service rents out space on their server to house website files. Hosting companies can vary quite a bit in cost and in what they have to offer. Many offer an array of additional services such as support, email accounts, security and backup software.

Disc Space:

Disc space is the amount space available for content stored on the server.


Bandwidth is the total amount of data transferred to and from your site. If you have a small video on your site, but millions of people download it, your website will use a lot of bandwidth.

What is WordPress Content Management?

The world’s most popular content management platform for creating and managing websites is WordPress.  Some of the most beautiful and creative websites are run on WordPress.  Big name brands like, The Rolling Stones  and VanHeusen to name a few. The WordPress software runs online, so there’s nothing to install on your computer. This means that you can update your website from any computer, anywhere – all you need is an Internet connection.

Will I be able to edit the content of my website after it’s finished?

Yes, your website will be set up so that you can make your own changes to the content of your website and every website package includes one-on-one instruction to show you how to make those changes.

What if I don’t want, or have time, to update my own content?

We offer hourly rates and monthly maintenance packages, depending on your needs.

Do you only work on WordPress and HTML websites?

No, we have experience designing websites on Shopify, Kajabi, Squarespace, and Wix.  

What is an eCommerce website?

If you are planning on selling items, services, or downloads through your website, you will need an eCommerce website.  I  have experience with WooCommerce, Shopify and Kajabi.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are practices that help draw more traffic to your website by landing your website higher in organic search results, without paying for advertisements.



The anatomy of a perfectly optimized page

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